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Celtachor "Nine Waves From The Shore"

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Digital download available at https://celtachor.bandcamp.com/album/nine-waves-from-the-shore-2

Recorded between 2011 -2012 in the bands own studio in Dublin, it has been self released by the band on November 2012.

The concept for the album deals with the Landing of the Gael and the main heroes and characters as part of that saga. The artwork was painted by the band's drummer Anais Chareyre. It depicts the Battle of Tailtin, the armies of the Men of Dea against the Men of the Gael being over watched by the goddess Danu rising from the hills and mountains of Eire.The band have been working hard since 2010 melding the influences of black, doom, folk metal into one unified force. Inspired by Irish Mythology and its sagas, Celtachor hope to cover new ground in 2013 and spread their message to Europe and beyond reciting the ancient tales of Ireland in their own voice and way.


1.The Landing: Amergin's Conquest
2.The Battle Of Tailtin
3.The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg
4.Sorrow Of The Dagda
5.Tar éis an Sidhe
6.Conn Of The Hundred Battles
7.Anann : Ermne's Daughter